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Welcome!  We hope that your visit will inform you about who we are, what we are about and why we exist.  Whether you are an existing member, visiting as a potential member or just an interested observer, we hope that you’ll find the information within this site informative and beneficial.

Twin Oaks Federal Credit Union was established in 1977 by Mr. Charles W. Garland and a few eager co-workers.  They all shared a dream and saw a need for a credit union inside the Goodyear plant in which they worked.  On March 28, 1977 Goodyear WV Federal Credit Union was chartered to serve only the employees of the Goodyear plant.  Several years later the Goodyear plant underwent changes and ownership and was changed to Shell WV.  It was at that time the credit union became Shell WV Federal Credit Union.  In 2004 we were granted a community charter and greatly expanded the potential field of membership to anyone within Mason County, WV.  To better represent the membership base of the credit union, the name was then changed to Twin Oaks Federal Credit Union.

We are proud of our role within Mason County, WV.  As several things have changed over the years, our commitment to service remains the same.  By working together, we can make a difference in promoting the credit union movement within the county and continue to build the future.

Our motto is “Where People Matter” and it is here at Twin Oaks where YOU matter.  I hope what you read will encourage you to visit us and to witness for yourself these words in action . . . Where People Matter!

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